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  • Timberland uses a content filter that blocks access to web sites containing pornography, erotic nudity, graphical depictions of sexual activity, and tasteless or obscene material on the following devices:

    • Filtered-only library Internet computers
    • Unfiltered computers when the patron has “filtered” access or is 16 or younger
    • All patron computers using Timberland's wifi service.

    “Safe search” is enforced on the Bing, Google, Yahoo and GoodSearch search engines. Content identified as “adult oriented” or “explicit” is blocked on Craigslist and YouTube. Flickr restricts visitors to "safe search". Flickr's "safe search" is disabled if you log in and are 18 or older.
  • All computers in the library with Internet access are blocked from web sites containing child pornography, web sites that provide filter avoidance services, and web sites identified as being unsafe because they pose a high risk of infecting computers with viruses or other malware.
  • Patrons using Timberland’s wifi service get filtered Internet access.
  • Report Internet Filter Error Reports.