Interlibrary Loan Service

To place an online interlibrary loan request, click here.

What is interlibrary loan (ILL)?
If you couldn’t find the item you were looking for in Timberland’s collection, Timberland may be able to borrow your desired item from another library for your use. Timberland borrows items for patrons every day from willing libraries all over the US and Canada.

What type of things can I request through ILL?
TRL patrons can request print books (large print or regular print), DVDs or VHSs, music CDs or cassettes, audiobooks on CD or cassette, photocopied journal articles, and materials on microfiche or microfilm. If you are unsure if your desired item can be loaned through ILL, feel free to call (1-800-562-6022) or submit a question through Ask A Librarian and we will be happy to double-check for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Items published within the past year cannot be borrowed through ILL, but will be forwarded to Timberland’s Collection Development Specialists for purchase consideration.

Who can submit an ILL request?
Patrons who do not have overdue ILL materials or fines of $10.00 or more on their account may request ILL items. TRL patrons may have a maximum of 5 active ILL requests (on hold or checked out) at one time and no more than 25 total holds.

How do I submit an ILL request?
To submit an online ILL request, click on Interlibrary Loan Request. You may also submit an ILL request by calling or visiting any Timberland library, or by calling our Ask A Librarian service at 1-800-562-6022 or 704-INFO in the Olympia-Lacey-Tumwater area.

Why is the ILL form asking how much I am willing to pay for an ILL? I thought libraries were supposed to be free!
They are! TRL does not charge for ILLs, but some libraries do. Depending on where we are borrowing your item from and how rare the item is, there may be a fee to borrow it. In this case, you will be contacted and notified of the price and you may decide if you still wish to borrow the item or not, but you will never be asked to pay more than you have agreed to pay. However, most items we will be able to borrow for free. If you only want to borrow free items, enter “0” in this field.

How do I cancel my ILL request?
Please either contact Ask a Librarian (1-800-562-6022) or call your local TRL branch. Simply cancelling the listing of your hold on your online TRL account does not stop the item you requested from being sent from another library, so please contact library staff as soon as possible if you need to cancel your ILL. For this reason, suspending ILL requests on your account will also be ineffective.

Why don’t I see my ILL request on my holds list yet?
Usually, it takes a day or two for requests to be processed and for us to locate potential lenders for the requested item, depending on how many requests there are on any given day. Your request will be manually created and placed on your account by the ILL staff as soon as we have submitted your request to the potential lending libraries.

How long will it take to fill my ILL request?
Most ILL items will come within two weeks. However, harder-to-find items occasionally take up to six weeks to locate a library who owns the item and is willing to lend it, and for them to physically mail the item to TRL. You will be notified when your ILL request comes in the same way you are notified when your TRL holds are available for pickup. If you need an ILL item by a certain date, please make a note of this in the “additional comments” field on your request, and we will do our best to accommodate.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all ILL requests are successful. Some libraries do not lend DVDs or genealogical materials, for example. If your request cannot be filled, you will be notified and the request will be removed from your holds list.

How long can I have my ILL item checked out?
The standard loan period for ILL items is three weeks (just like for TRL books), unless the lending library has restricted their loan to a shorter period. ILL items may not be renewed.

PLEASE NOTE: Some items, such as law books, genealogy materials, reference items, and items on microfilm/microfiche (or books that are simply very old and fragile) may be restricted to library use only.

Can I request my ILL item again?
Yes! However, due to the sheer number of requests the ILL department receives, we are unable to request the same item for the same patron within a six month period.