Hands On Mobile Membership Passes at your Local Timberland Library

Timberland Regional Library and the Hands On Children’s Museum share a similar mission—the promotion of PLAY!

While libraries are most known for books and literacy, we are also very aware that when children play, they are building early literacy (pre-reading skills). Imaginative play develops language skills as children practice putting thoughts into words. This is one of many pre-reading skills that are developed while children play. Time for play is included in every early learning program offered at Timberland libraries. Our buildings offer interactive play areas and toys that support learning.

We’re happy to have partnered with the HOCM since 2009 to offer our patrons even more opportunities for play. Visit your local branch, show your library card (or get one while you're there - it’s free of course!) and check out your mobile membership for free access to one of the most amazing children’s museums in the country. The number of passes are limited. Contact your local branch for availability.