Homeschooling is a unique and rewarding educational journey. We're here to support your homeschooling adventure with a wealth of resources to help with your student's needs. Explore, learn, and grow with us as you embark on your homeschooling adventure. Library staff are available to help set up your homeschool account.

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Arts and crafts, games, and cool activities will make learning super fun. Make new friends and explore your library. It's a place where you can play, create, and learn, all at the same time!

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Homeschool FAQs

  • As soon as TRL staff member creates the account and issues the library card, it is fully functional.

    For more information visit your local branch or email with any questions.

  • TRL provides homeschool library card accounts to homeschoolers within the TRL service area, excluding non-annexed, non-contracting cities, unless the homeschooler is a paying non-resident card holder

    An applicant must have a personal Timberland Regional Library card with a verified address, and a fee balance below 10 dollars. Homeschool accounts are used in tandem with your regular library card.

  • Yes. A homeschool card offers an additional account to access more materials for a longer checkout period.

    See "What library card options are available?"

  • The following items are not eligible for checkout on the homeschool account:

    • Materials for personal use.
    • Streaming video services and databases. (TRL licenses databases for individual use by patrons.)

    Homeschool accounts cannot log into our Internet computers. An individual card is required.

    Homeschool accounts may print from the catalog or via Wi-Fi.

    The homeschool card is a special service and may be revoked if misused.

    • Homeschool accounts require annual renewal.
    • Homeschool accounts can check out up to 50 items at a time and have up to 25 items on hold.
    • Most items have an initial checkout period of 5 weeks, with one additional 5-week renewal allowed if there are no holds.
    • Feature films check out for the standard 7-day period and may be renewed if there are no holds.
    • Email notification of holds and overdue items is sent to email addresses provided. The account can be linked to your personal account for ease of online access.
    • Account holders have the same responsibilities as regular cardholders. Items must be renewed or returned by their due dates. Homeschool accounts will be billed for items considered lost or damaged. As long as fees stay below $10, materials can still be checked out

Featured Booklists

Technology To Help Bridge The Gap

Technology can play a role in helping children learn to read. These valuable tools support reading skill with interactive, engaging games, puzzles and activities. Audiobooks and read-aloud can enhance the reading experience and improve phonetic skills. A balanced approach combines technology with caregivers involvement and guidance.

Non-traditional Teaching Tools


Loaded with a world of learning with apps, videos, storybooks, and games just for kids. No internet needed.

VOX Books

Listen while reading through the book. No batteries or internet access needed; just press a button and you’re listening and reading!

Early Math Backpacks

Contain picture books, launchpad, manipulatives, and a game, focusing on early math concepts. For ages 3-5.

Kids Playaway Audiobooks

An audiobook player built just for kids. No internet needed. Simply plug in headphones and press play.

Homeschooling Materials

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