New Mountain View Library Project

Envisioned as a modern, dynamic space, the proposed library building is poised to become a vital center for collaboration, education, and cultural engagement. With a design that seamlessly integrates into the scenic beauty of our surroundings, the new Mountain View location promises a unique and inspiring environment.


Artist rendering from the front view of the new building.
Artist rendering from the rear view of the new building.
April 18, 2024 site visit photo.

We are thrilled to share the wonderful news about the brand-new Mountain View Library in Randle!

In 2019, at the request of Lewis County Trustee Brian Zylstra, the Board of Trustees earmarked $1 million dollars to go towards building a new library in Randle.

The project consists of the construction of a new 3,400-square-feet public library building and 1-acre site.



New Build Bid Tabulation (PDF)

22048-TLD Mtn View Library FINAL BID SET COMBINED12-27-23 WEB

TRL - Mountain View Library SPEC - BID SET FINAL12-27-2023

Architectural Summary 2023- 2024

Watch Facebook Live Opening of the Bids (Recording)


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Board of Trustee Meetings

New Build FAQs

  • Aetta Architects
    Battle Ground Office
    821 SE 14th Loop, Suite 109
    Battle Ground, WA 98604

    Johansson Wing Architects


  • Bid Opening: January 17, 2024, 3:00 pm local time,
    Administrative Headquarters
    415 Tumwater Blvd. SW,
    Tumwater, WA 98501

    Awarding a Contract
    RCW 39.04.010 requires local agencies to award public works contracts to a responsible bidder with the lowest responsive bid. This applies to informal bidding, such as a small works roster, as well as formal competitive bids.

    Agencies may not negotiate with any of the bidders. Some submissions may involve errors, omissions, or other irregularities, and agencies must decide how to handle them.

    Notice of Award and Notice to Proceed
    After all the bids are opened, the agency should identify the apparent low bidder for the record but note that agency staff will review the bids submittals for completeness and numerical accuracy. Once this review is completed, generally within a maximum of 30 - 45 days, agency staff will recommend award of the contract to a responsible bidder with the lowest responsive bid. The agency must allow adequate time for bidders to submit written bid protests, as described below, before awarding the contract.

    Upon approval by the agency’s governing body or designated staff person, a Notice of Award is sent to the contractor, which requires them to submit the following, typically
    within 10 or 20 business days after the date of the Notice:
    • Signed contract.
    Performance and payment bonds
    • Certificate(s) of insurance

    After the contract is signed by the agency’s designated representative, the agency will issue a Notice to Proceed, usually transmitting the signed contract and stating the official time of completion of the contract based on the contract documents. Many agencies also remind the contractor that prior to any payment under the contract, the contractor must provide an approved statement of intent to pay prevailing wages from the contractor and any subcontractors that work in any given pay period.

    Effective July 28, 2019, code cities, second class cities, and towns may award projects to the second-lowest responsible bidder if both of the following conditions are met
    (see RCW 35.23.352, referenced by RCW 35A.40.200 for code cities):

    • The city issues a written finding that the lowest bidder has delivered a project to the city within the last three years which was late, over budget, or did not meet specifications, and the city does not find in writing that the bidder has shown how they would improve their performance to be likely to meet project specifications;


    • The second-lowest bid is within 5% of the lowest bid and meets the same criteria as the lowest bidder.

    Any city/town that awards a contract to the second-lowest responsible bidder under those criteria must make an annual report to the state Department of Commerce including the total number of bids awarded to certified minority or women contractors and describing how notice was provided to potential certified minority or women contractors.


  • Upcoming and past meetings are available via AV Capture.

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