Performer and Presenter Application

Are you an author, speaker or performer interested in presenting your program at one of our branches? TRL provides programming for all ages at our branch libraries throughout the year. We welcome proposals for unbiased, non-partisan programs that align with our service priorities, opens a new window. 

Program Proposals

Click below to submit a program proposal. Please note that completing a program proposal does not guarantee that your program will be booked by any of our libraries. 

Types of programs we sponsor: 

  • Hands-on workshops and classes 
  • Performances 
  • Talks and lectures 
  • Educational, recreational or cultural activities 

If you are looking for space to hold a non-library program or meeting, please see our Meeting Rooms, opens a new window page. 

What you need to know about library-sponsored programs: 

  • Your event must be open to the public and may not charge admission fees of any kind. 
  • You may not sell products or services during presentations at the library. However, with prior arrangement, we may allow the sale of works by presenters such as books, music, or artwork immediately before or after the presentation. 
  • In some cases, you may be asked to complete a background check to present at the library. TRL pays all costs associated with completing the background check. 
  • Should a library reach out to book a program with you and there is a fee associated with your program, you will be asked to complete a Performer Contract that includes a W-9 form.

Programs & Events FAQs

  • After a library staff person reaches out to you to book your program, a TRL Performer Contract will be sent to your email via DocuSign. Much like the Performer Application, the Performer Contract is valid for one calendar year. Each year, a new application and contract will need to be submitted. This is to make sure the information contained in these documents, such as your fee schedule and contact information, is up to date and accurate.

  • Please note that submitting a performer application does not guarantee that you will receive program bookings at any of our libraries. 

    If library staff do want to book your program, this is the process: 

    1. Once your performer application is submitted, the Programs Coordinator will share it with library staff. 
    2. Library staff will contact the performers they are interested in booking programs with via the contact information provided in the application. 
    3. Library staff will tell the Program Coordinator they are in talks to book a program with you. 
    4. The Program Coordinator will then send a Performer Contract to your email via DocuSign to complete, including a W-9 form that TRL’s Finance Department requires to issue checks. 
    5. You and library staff will finalize the date, time, and other details together. 

    If you have questions or want to check on the status of your application, you may contact 

  • Once submitted, performer applications are valid for one full calendar year, during which time interested TRL library staff may reach out to book programs. Each year performers will need to submit a new application; this is to make sure all the information in each application stays up to date.

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