Policies & Guidelines

Patron Services Policies

Animals in the Library Policy

Collections of Materials Policy

Collection Guidelines

Computer Use Rules

Disruptive Patron Behavior Policy

Behavior Expectations Handout English

Behavior Expectations Handout Spanish

Donations of Materials Policy

Expanded Access Hours Policy

Facility Use for Political Purposes Policy

Fees Policy

Gift Policy

Interlibrary Loan Policy

Internet Use Policy

Compliance Measures for Children’s Internet Protection Act

Library Card Eligibility Policy

Meeting Room Use Policy

Public Display Spaces Policy

Tort Claim for Damages Fillable Form (PDF)

Unattended Children Policy

Use of Library Materials Policy

Operational Policies

Building Fund Policy

Capital Assets Policy

Cash Receipting Policy

Compliance Measures for Children’s Internet Protection Act

Facility Use Agreement and Form

Fund Balance Management Policy

Public Works and Purchasing Policy

Security Monitoring Policy

Special Use of Library Facilities and Grounds Policy

Human Resources Policies

Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Appraisal of the Executive Director Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Collective Bargaining Agreements

2023-2025 CBA Supervisor Unit Final PDF

2023-2025 CBA Base Unit Final PDF

American Library Association Statements

American Library Association Code of Ethics

American Library Association Freedom to Read Statement

American Library Association Freedom to View Statement

American Library Association Library Bill of Rights

Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA – Equal Opportunity to Participate Policy

ADA – Enforcement of State and Federal Employment and Access Rights Complaint Procedure

ADA Title II Request for Accommodation

ADA Title II Complaint Form

For additional Policies contact asklib@trl.org.

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