Lacey Timberland Library Celebrates 6 Months of Building Connections through “Talk Time”: an English Conversation Circle

It started with a simple idea: the Lacey Timberland Library should provide a free local space where people who speak different languages can gather to help one another practice speaking English. Open to all, the Talk Time program continues to grow and will be celebrating their 6 month anniversary on June 27. 

The group gathers every Thursday from 6-7 PM, with a mix of English learners and fluent speakers. 12-25 local participants sit in small groups and Without correcting errors, or teaching lessons, and using question prompts when necessary, group members have conversations about everything you can imagine. Common topics include: families, friends, hobbies and food.  

The library program has welcomed people who come from 14 different countries, 5 different continents, and whose native languages range from Finnish to Vietnamese to Spanish to Tagalog (and more). Locals have been able to meet and connect, forming bonds that may not have otherwise occurred. 

Talk Time has created a meaningful community connection for many. One fluent English speaker has talked with many participants about how to use public transit in our area. A regular English learner shares about their previous job in another country. Another participant is an author who has published books in Chinese.  

The Lacey Timberland Library invites everyone in the community to celebrate the 6th month anniversary of this simple idea, turned impactful program on June 27 from 6-7 PM.