What are reciprocal and cooperative library cards?

Reciprocal borrowing agreements between library systems allow residents of one library district to use the services of another library district and vice versa. Library users may apply for and have library cards in the other library system. 

  • What this means for residents of the Timberland Regional Library area is that you may get library cards with other library districts, expanding your options for physical or digital items. 
  • What this means for Washington State residents living outside of the Timberland Regional Library district is that in many cases you are covered either under our reciprocal agreements or our cooperative service areas and may get a TRL card to access our materials and services. 

In general, you must show proof of residence in your "home" library district to get a card in the "other" library district.  Our agreements with Seattle Public Library and Longview Public Library require that you show a valid library card in your "home" library in order to apply for a card in the "other" system.  Users are encouraged to contact the library where they wish to get a card to confirm the application requirements.

TRL has reciprocal borrowing agreements with the following library systems: 

Cooperative Service Area: 

An alternative to reciprocal cards, the cooperative service area includes those areas in Washington State, outside of the TRL Service area, that have tax-supported public library service. As with areas covered by a reciprocal agreement, you will need to apply at a Timberland Regional Library and provide ID and address verification showing that you qualify.