Whether you're a parent, caregiver, or educator, this page will provide you with a wealth of information on children's books, educational programs, interactive activities, and much more.

Events for Kids

Make new friends and foster early learning in a playful environment through interactive games, arts and crafts, and hands-on activities that spark curiosity.

Kids Homework Help

Student friendly online resources to support school assignments.

Featured Booklists

Enjoy these staff-curated booklists.

New in the Library

Technology To Help Bridge The Gap

Technology can play a role in helping children learn to read. These valuable tools support reading skill with interactive, engaging games, puzzles and activities. Audiobooks and read-aloud can enhance the reading experience and improve phonetic skills. A balanced approach combines technology with caregivers involvement and guidance.

Non-traditional Teaching Tools


Loaded with a world of learning with apps, videos, storybooks, and games just for kids. No internet needed.

VOX Books

Listen while reading through the book. No batteries or internet access needed; just press a button and you’re listening and reading!

Early Math Backpacks

Contain picture books, launchpad, manipulatives, and a game, focusing on early math concepts. For ages 3-5.

Kids Playaway Audiobooks

An audiobook player built just for kids. No internet needed. Simply plug in headphones and press play.

Explore MyTRL

K-12 student online-only account with login from anywhere.

Fun & Games

Online games and eBooks geared for children over age of 2.

Fun & Games

100% educational website, for ages 2-8 with learning activities across all major subject areas and learning activities in Spanish.

Kanopy for Kids

Unlimited Content suitable for children, with a focus on ages 2-8.


K-6 children's ebooks! Animated picture books, read-along chapters, videos, playlists, Spanish/French books, and exciting Graphic Novels.

Staff Blogs

Learn about the benefits of storytimes, play groups, and more!

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