Personalized, Adaptive Language-Learning Experience with Over 70+ Languages

Mango Languages

November 1 – Timberland Regional Library is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new language-learning program, providing an innovative and adaptive language-learning experience for library patrons. With a diverse offering of over 70+ languages, Mango Languages is designed to empower individuals to expand their language skills in a way that suits their unique learning preferences and lifestyles.

Here's why this is exciting:

  • Real-world conversations that won’t leave you lost in translation.
  • Voice Comparison for matching your pronunciation with native-speaker audio.
  • Listening & Reading Activities for reinforcing learned material and building new skills.
  • Personalized Review System that adapts to your individual learning pathway.
  • Culture Notes for unique insights into different cultures.
  • Mango Movies for learning through engaging, authentic content.

Placement tests are now available. Choose a language, assess your knowledge, and dive in exactly where your skillset suits you —  from anywhere, at any time. 

All you need is a Timberland Regional Library card to log in today and learn for FREE.

Over 20 ESL courses are available, learn English taught from your native language, each course can even be learned offline or hands-free using the Mango app.

Get started today. 

Download the free Mango app from the App Store or Play Store. Before logging into the app, set-up your account through your web browser first.

Please note: If you had a profile during  2010-2018 subscription, those profiles are still there, you may need to reset your password to log in.


Watch a tutorial on how to use Mango: (English) (Spanish)