Donations of Materials Policy

Timberland Regional Library 
Serving Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacific and Thurston Counties


To provide direction on handling of donations of books and other materials.


Applies to all service points of Timberland Regional Library (TRL). 


TRL welcomes donations of books and other materials; however, TRL reserves the right to not accept items offered and to decide the disposition of all items that are accepted. 

Materials must comply with the TRL Collection Guidelines in order to be considered for addition to the TRL collection. 

Donations accepted for addition to the TRL collection become the property of TRL and will be placed where most appropriate. 

Donations are subject to the same criteria applied to other materials regarding how they are added to or withdrawn from the collection. Donations that become part of TRL's collection will be available to all residents of the TRL district. 

Materials not utilized in TRL's collection may be: Sold to the Friends of the local Timberland library for the Friends book sales. The local Friends groups are non-profit organizations. The proceeds from the Friends book sales are donated to the local Library in support of TRL’s programs and resources or sent to the Service Center to be included in an online book sale via a used book vendor. The proceeds of the sales are then sent back to Timberland Regional Library in support of TRL’s programs and resources.  

Collection Guidelines Manual.  

RCW 27.12.305.  

Effective 1/1/2020
Review Date 10/1/2025 

Policy Number: 030
Policy Revision Dates:
#030 - 5/27/15

By the enactment of this policy the Board of Trustees of Timberland Regional Library is concurrently rescinding any prior policy or procedure within TRL that is either in conflict with or expansive of the matters addressed in this policy. 

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