Internet Use Policy

Timberland Regional Library 
Serving Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacific and Thurston Counties


To provide direction on Internet access in Timberland Regional Libraries (TRL).


This policy applies to all TRL libraries.


Timberland Regional Library offers Internet access to all patrons as part of its mission to provide resources that reflect the great diversity of interests an opinion in our communities. The Internet offers access to many valuable local, national, and international sources of information. Some information found on the Internet may be inaccurate, incomplete, dated, or offensive to some individuals. Timberland Regional Library has no control over the information viewed through the Internet and cannot be responsible for its content. 

Public User’s Privacy and Confidentiality - Users should be aware that the Internet is not a secure medium and that third parties may be able to obtain information regarding user’s activities. Timberland Regional Library will not release information on the use of specific Internet resources by members of the public except as required by law or necessary for the proper operation of the Library. 

Access by Minors - As with other library materials, parents or legal guardians are responsible for their minor children's use of the Internet. In order to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, the Library has taken certain measures to assist in the safe and effective use of the Internet by all minors. These measures are detailed in the Guidelines on Compliance Measures for Children’s Internet Protection Act and Neighborhood Children’s Protection Act. 

Rules Governing Use - Due to the limited resources available for provision of public access to the Internet, the Library reserves the right to limit the amount of time an individual user has during a single day. The public must comply with all federal, state, and local laws, including laws governing the transmission and dissemination of information while accessing the Internet. Users may not:

  • Use the computers for any illegal activity, including child pornography as defined by Washington RCW 9.68A.070.
  • Attempt to destroy or damage equipment, software, or data belonging to the library.
  • Attempt to alter software configurations or install software. 
  • Attempt to bypass the filtering or security systems in the library. 
  • Make unauthorized use of library accounts, access codes, or network identification numbers; or
  • Make unauthorized copies of copyrighted or other protected material. 

Compliance – The Library reserves the right to take appropriate action to ensure
compliance with this policy.  

Compliance Measures for Children’s Internet Protection Act and Neighborhood.
Children’s Internet Protection Act, February 18, 2004.  

Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). (2018, August 07). Retrieved September 7, 2018, from, opens a new window.  

Effective 10/1/2018
Review Date 7/1/2025 

Policy Number: 015
Policy Revision Dates:
#005 - 2/18/2004 

By the enactment of this policy the Board of Trustees of Timberland Regional Library is concurrently rescinding any prior policy or procedure within TRL that is either in conflict with or expansive of the matters addressed in this policy.

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