Library Card Eligibility Policy

Timberland Regional Library 
Serving Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacific and Thurston Counties


Determine person’s eligibility for library cards. 


This policy applies to all public service points of the Timberland Regional Library (TRL).


TRL supports and encourages access by all borrowers, regardless of age, education, ethnicity, language, income, physical limitations, or geographic barriers. 

Library cards are free to applicants of any age, with provision of current physical address and proof of identity, who meet any of the following criteria: 

  • All residents or property owners in the TRL Service Area, the Reciprocal Service Areas, or the Cooperative Service Areas. 
  • Public schools and other educational or governmental agencies in the TRL Service Area. 
  • Businesses and non-profits in the TRL Service Area; or 
  • Non-resident individuals who work in or attend school in the TRL Service Area. 

Library cards with limited privileges may be issued to borrowers who have not provided proof of current physical address, who have only a mailing address, or who lack identification. 

Library cards with extended loan periods may be issued to borrowers needing accommodation. 

Minors under eighteen (18) years of age unable to verify identification and current physical address may receive cards with parent’s or guardian’s signature, who can provide the above identification/address validation on their child’s behalf. Minors may also obtain library cards with limited privileges under agreements between school districts and TRL. 

Residents of a non-resident TRL service area may purchase library cards for a single household fee determined annually by the Board of Trustees. Non-resident fees will reflect the same rate an average household pays in property taxes and city contract fees to TRL and may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. 

TRL purges inactive library cards according to established policy.  

TRL Service Area: Unincorporated areas of Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacific and Thurston Counties, and incorporated cities and towns within these counties which contract with or are annexed to the library district for service. 

Reciprocal Service Area: Other library districts and contracting municipalities thereof through whatever agreements and policies may be made by the Board of Trustees. 

Cooperative Service Area: All other areas of Washington State outside of the TRL Service Area that provide equitable tax support for public library service. 

Non-Resident Service Area: All other areas of Washington State not previously covered, and Clatsop county in Oregon. 

Use of Library Materials Policy.
Fees Policy.  

RCW 27.12.280 Use by nonresidents – Exchange of Books. 

Effective 1/1/2020
Review Date 1/1/2025 

Policy Number: 001
Policy Revision Dates:
#001 - 5/1/2012
#01 – 2010
Resolution 87-19
Policy Statement 9/19/1980 

By the enactment of this policy the Board of Trustees of Timberland Regional Library is concurrently rescinding any prior policy or procedure within TRL that is either in conflict with or expansive of the matters addressed in this policy.

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