Use of Library Materials Policy

Timberland Regional Library 
Serving Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacific and Thurston Counties


To provide direction for the use of library materials.


This policy applies to all public service points of the Timberland Regional Library (TRL).


TRL determines limits and conditions on the use of materials to maximize equitable use within the library’s budget. 

  • TRL loans materials for a specified period of time, considering demand, availability, and patron needs. 
  • TRL may limit the number of items a patron may have checked out or on hold at one time. 
  • TRL may charge fines for materials lost or damaged. 
  • Patrons are responsible for all use of their library cards, whether or not that use was with or without the patron’s consent.

TRL mails library materials to individuals within the five counties served by TRL who need accommodation to receive library materials. 

TRL may offer extended loan periods to patrons needing accommodation. 

Use of the library or its services may be denied for reasons which include, but are not limited to, failure to return library materials or equipment, failure to pay library fines and fees, destruction of library property, illegal activity in the library, or other inappropriate behavior as defined by the TRL Disruptive Patron Behavior Policy. 

  • Fines and fees may be appealed as defined in the Fees Policy.
  • Patrons trespassed due to behavior may request a hearing within seven (7) days by writing to the Executive Director. 

All library card privileges and restrictions apply to all library card holders including library employees, TRL Board members and volunteers. 

The Executive Director is authorized to establish and enforce procedures and limits for library privileges and will inform the Board of Trustees of changes.  

Library materials: can include books, DVDs, CDs, and any other materials. 

TRL serves the diverse library needs of area residents of all ages. All TRL locations are
open to the public. Anyone may browse or use materials within the library. 

Disruptive Patron Behavior Policy.
Fees Policy.
Library Card Eligibility Policy.  

Effective 1/1/2020
Review Date 10/1/2024 

Policy Number: 075
Policy Revision Dates:
#001 - 9/25/2013 

By the enactment of this policy the Board of Trustees of Timberland Regional Library is concurrently rescinding any prior policy or procedure within TRL that is either in conflict with or expansive of the matters addressed in this policy.

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