Celebrating Filipino American History Month

After years of advocacy by individuals and organizations across the country, in 2009, October was declared Filipino American History month by the United States Congress, and proclamations were sent out. The celebration of Filipino American History Month commemorates the first recorded presence of Filipinos on the North American Continent which occurred October 18, 1587 when the Luzones Indios came ashore from the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Esperanza and landed in what is now Morro Bay California.

Across the country millions share in commemorating Filipino American History Month to celebrate and honor the history, accomplishments, and legacy of Filipino individuals and communities across the country. 

The Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) Chapter in Seattle, opens a new window is proud to share this year’s theme for 2023: "1898: Recognizing 125 Years of Philippine-American History.” The year 2023 marks the 125th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Paris – an agreement between Spain and the United States that ended the Spanish American War and led to the U.S. annexation of the Philippines. With the signing of the treaty, Cuba was also granted independence from Spain, while Puerto Rico and Guam were ceded to the US. Notably, the Philippines was purchased for $20 million.

The first Young People’s Far West Convention was held at Seattle University in 1971 and brought together 300 young Filipino American participants from the United States West Coast. The convention helped bring issues like farmworkers’ rights and anti-marital law to the forefront. This year FANHS is honoring youth from the past and present who have advocated and continue to for their communities for the past 50 years.

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A retrospective interview with Filipino American National Historical Society co-founders Dorothy Laigo Cordova and Fred Cordova (interview in 2008). Reflections on how FANHS began, the core priority of researching, documenting, and sharing Filipino American history, and milestones of the FANHS organization. (40th Anniversary- 2022). Cordova Family Archival Collection. FANHS Seattle, WA.

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