Wondrous Wild Mushrooms of Washington State

Discover the 'fun' of fungi! Fall is the perfect time to go for a walk in the woods of Washington, especially if you’re interested in seeing a multitude of mushrooms. Wild mushrooms come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are a sight to behold, if you know where to look. 

Experienced mushroom foragers may wish to find mushrooms for food, though caution is always urged—while some wild mushrooms are safe to eat, others are deadly toxic. It can be difficult to tell which are safe and which are dangerous. If in doubt, don’t put it in your mouth! 

Whether you want to forage or simply have an idea of what fungi you’re looking at, these books will tell you all about the wondrous wild mushrooms that can be found in the Pacific Northwest.

Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest, by Steve Trudell

Fruits of the Forest, by Daniel Winkler

Mushrooms of the Northwest, by Teresa Marrone

Foraging Mushrooms Washington, by Jim Meuninck

Profiles of Northwest Fungi, by Buck McAdoo