Around TRL with Sarah: Elma

Hello dear fellow library enthusiasts, 

Here is our fifth edition of this blog series!

The Elma Timberland Library, opens a new window is in between two other libraries on Highway 12, heading west 10.4 miles away is the Montesano Timberland Library and heading east 8.4 miles is the McCleary Timberland Library. 

As one of our Expanded Access Hours, opens a new window (EAH) libraries there are additional hours of library access available to patrons outside of the normal operating hours. EAH is available at select branches daily from 7:00 am until the library opens and after the library closes until 8:00 pm. During Expanded Access Hours, the library building is open for patrons to enter and use resources, such as books, computers, printing and study spaces.  Sign up for EAH at any of our locations.          

As you first walk in you will notice the Meeting room, opens a new window which is also available before and after hours for our patrons.  

Please feed the dinosaur any library returns! These returns can come from any of our 29 locations. 

Another part of our expanding collection is the Library of Things. , opens a new windowCheck out Washington Adventure kit that includes 1 pair of binoculars, Washington State Nature Pamphlets, and a Washington Discover Pass. Or the Birding Backpack that includes a Discover Pass, 1 pair of binoculars, birding books and maps for the Puget Sound and Olympic Peninsula. 

As you enter you have many options as to how you would like to use this space, on the left you can enjoy a community puzzle. 

Or the Teen area with the interactive board games table. 

If you turn right as you enter the library, you will find the Family and Youth area. 

Local Artist Jenny Goeres painting in the Family and Children's area. 

As you continue through the library, you can find many places to sit and plug in your devices. I am enjoying this space now!

There is also stained glass from the local artist Cathy Rusley Smith. You can find Cathy's artwork at the Hoquiam Timberland Library too. 

Did you enjoy this short tour? Look for more " Around TRL with Sarah" coming soon.

Visit the Elma Timberland Library, opens a new window to learn more about this library including address, hours, programs and more!