Around TRL with Sarah: Montesano

Hello dear fellow library enthusiasts, 

Here is our fourth edition of this blog series!

You can find me at the Montesano Timberland Library, opens a new window  today! This library is on Highway 12 in Grays Harbor County. 

As you approach the Montesano Library, you can find the Shakespeare garden! Shakespeare quotes and plants from the plays can be found along with a bust of this famous playwright. 


Upon entering the library you can find the Monthly Plant Houseplant Exchange Program, this consists of plant cuttings from our local community members. Along with any new books you may need to best take care of your new plant!


You will also notice the mural "The Chehalis at Tidewater" by the local artist Erik Sandgren. In the multiple panels that create this mural you can find a heron, seal, kingfisher, ducks, cormorant, yellow flag irises, osprey nest, stern wheel steamboat, raven and much more. Now can you see the large salmon that spans the whole mural? Erik writes, "You may notice that the salmon is not merely an object in the water. Instead, it is part of the entire landscape: it is made up of the hills and mist and trees and light and water. Even the people are part of it." 


If you choose to head to the right, there is a Teen area. 

Or you can head straight into the Family and Children's area. 

If you turn left, there you can find the community puzzle and 3D Printer. We see here a new dinosaur made by the 3D printer. Want to give 3D Printing a try? Fill out the form at 

As you continue you will see the seating area with places to charge your device. 

Or you can enjoy the seating near the windows for more natural lighting options. 

You can also find artwork from a local artist from the Hoquiam Library here as well, there are 7 Elton Bennett Serigraphs at the Montesano library. 

There are items to check out to help with your baking needs, it is part of our TRL Library of Things, opens a new window 

Let's not forget the creation and building at Lego Club!

Did you enjoy this short tour? Look for more " Around TRL with Sarah" coming soon.

Visit the Montesano Timberland Library, opens a new window to learn more about this library including address, hours, programs and more!