Treasures Below: I Spy Fun at North Mason

As you step into the North Mason Timberland Library, your eyes are instantly drawn to the fish tank that once housed a vibrant school of salmon, lovingly grown from eggs as part of our partnership with the PNW Salmon Center in Belfair.  Recently, however, the salmon were released into the wild, leaving behind a sad and empty tank.

Seeing an opportunity for fun, the library staff at North Mason decided to repurpose the tank into an Under the Water - I Spy exhibit.  Kids, young and old, will enjoy looking around in search of underwater creatures and other weird and random items in the tank as well. 

Can you spot the five orange starfish?  How about an armadillo?  Do you see the mermaid riding a unicorn?  Is that a bearded salmon?  What's the shiny thing in the treasure chest?  Is that a frog?  So many fun things for the eyes to behold.  Whether you're a young adventurer eager to uncover the secrets of the sea or a seasoned explorer seeking a new challenges, be sure to stop by the library and try to find all the items on the I Spy list.  

Can't make it to the library? Your library has I Spy books on all sorts of fun themes, opens a new window. Check one out or place a hold today!

Deena @ North Mason