Around TRL with Sarah: Aberdeen

Hello dear fellow library enthusiasts, 

Here is our second edition of this blog series!

Today I am visiting the Aberdeen Timberland Library also found in Grays Harbor County on Highway 101. This library is in a more urban setting with coffeeshops, breweries and other local businesses nestled close by. It is also near to my heart with many memories of when I worked at the Aberdeen branch as a Youth Services staff member. 

As you first approach the Aberdeen Library you will notice the half circles and brick work. 

Then you will meet Bufano the Owl, named after its creator the artist Beniamino Bufano.

Another bronze sculpture, Illumination, can be found in the Aberdeen Library parking lot. It was created by artist Gerard Tsutakawa.

In a partnership with the Quinault Wellness Center this month you can find paddles and Cedar branches displayed in the art case. 

Turn left into the Family and Children's area where you can find a place for littles to play and learn. 

Or explore the Teens' area, with places for plugging in devices and window seating.

The rotating book displays are always a hit to finding your next favorite read. 

You can also check out art! That's right - artwork you can check out

Did you know we have a space dedicated to local authors from Grays Harbor County? These are available to check out.

There is also a bit of history you can find from the original Aberdeen Carnegie Library. 

Or the "Quinault" yearbook, where you can find me and others who graduated from Aberdeen High School. 

Did you enjoy this short tour? Look for more " Around TRL with Sarah" coming soon.

Visit the Aberdeen location page to learn more about this library including address, hours, programs and more!