Around TRL with Sarah: Amanda Park

Hello dear fellow library enthusiasts! 

You may know me as one of the Youth Services Associates at the Aberdeen Timberland Library for seven years or as a Community Engagement Librarian or now as a Coordinator for TRL. Or we may be meeting here now. Welcome and Happy New Year!

You can also find me on my off time exploring new trails, paddle boarding along lakes, riding my electric bike or at a local coffee house near you. I enjoy our natural spaces as much as I enjoy our beautiful libraries, each sanctuaries in their own ways. I also appreciate being able to serve our communities in the many roles I have had with TRL. 

One of my favorite parts of my job (there are many) is traveling around the five counties that make up the Timberland Regional Library District. So I thought is would be fun to take a tour of TRL with you all in this Blog series. 

I am writing you from the Amanda Park Timberland Regional Library. This library can be found in Grays Harbor County, heading north near Lake Quinault, set in dense conifer forest along Highway 101. 

Upon entering the building you can find a Take & Make - themed activity bags to bring home for evening and weekend projects with children. Or use one in the library!

As you move through the Library, you can find the Lucky Day section or new books. 

Next you will find the Children's area where there is a fun tactile learning and creation area including a train set!

As you can see, there are local artists who share an appreciation of their library as well. 

At the end of the library you can find a serene view to ponder, read or plug in your phone, tablet or laptop. 


There is also artwork to enjoy as you walk around. 

Before you leave, check out the history of this building!

Did you enjoy this short tour? Look for more " Around TRL with Sarah" coming soon.

Visit the Amanda Park location page to learn more about the library including address, hours and more!