Cozy Culinary Mysteries and Cookbook Pairings

Do you love a good mystery that’s not too dark? How about good food? Try picking up a cozy culinary mystery that combines the two, featuring stories about amateur sleuths whose day jobs are food related taking it upon themselves to solve mysteries. After devouring a good cozy culinary mystery, you may end up hungry for all the delicious foods featured. Enjoy these cozy culinary mystery recommendations and accompanying cookbook pairings picked specially to help you satisfy your cravings! 

Arsenic and Adobo

This story follows Lila Magapagal as she moves back home to a small town in Illinois to help with her aunt's struggling restaurant, Tita Rosie's. When Lila's food critic ex-boyfriend dies after eating at the restaurant, Lila is suspected and must clear her own name.

You may be craving Filipino food after reading Arsenic and Adobo. Try it paired with The Adobo Road Cookbook , which includes nearly 100 easy-to-follow authentic Filipino recipes, and a whole section dedicated to adobo!

Death by Dumpling

Lana Lee never thought she'd end up back working at her family's restaurant, the Ho-Lee Noodle House, but after a bad breakup and some workplace drama, she does just that. Her life isn't about to settle down, though! The restaurant property manager Mr. Feng somehow receives shrimp in his meal and dies, despite everyone on staff knowing of his deadly shellfish allergy. It's up to Lana to figure out the killer's identity!

After reading Death by Dumpling, your stomach may be growling. Turn to The Woks of Life, which features 100 home-cooked and restaurant-style Chinese recipes as well as a primer on the essentials of Chinese cooking: tools, tips, techniques, and more.

Mango, Mambo, and Murder

Cuban-American Miriam Quiñones-Smith is a food anthropologist who puts her academic career in New York on hold to move back to Miami to be a stay-at-home mom to her young son. Her best friend Alma helps her get a short-term job as a Caribbean food expert on a morning TV show, which leads to Miriam becoming embroiled in a murder mystery.

Chef Ronaldo's Sabores De Cuba is a perfect cookbook pairing for Mango, Mamba, and Murder. Created by Ronaldo Linares, executive chef at the popular Martino's Cuban Restaurant in Somerville, New Jersey, this cookbook includes nearly 100 recipes that are as flavorful and satisfying as they are healthy (all are diabetes-friendly). The book is bilingual, with English on one side and Spanish on the reverse.

Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies

The first time Daisy Ellery killed a man with a pie, it was an accident. Now, it's her calling to magically bake sweet vengeance into her pies and deliver them to men who commit violent crimes against women in her community. But can she solve a crime that wasn't her own doing, before an unknown blackmailer exposes what she does?

Pair it with Pie Camp and you'll be able to create your own amazing pies! Author Kate McDermott teaches you the skills to make any pie you want, with tips and techniques for pairing crusts with fillings, troubleshooting, and of course, delicious pie recipes.

Vera Wong's Unsolicited Advice for Murderers

Vera Wong is a little old lady who lives above her tea shop in San Francisco's Chinatown. When she discovers a dead man in her tea shop one morning, Vera calls the police as one should, but she also swipes the flash drive the dead man was holding. Confident she can figure out who the murderer is, Vera gets to know her customers and begins gathering clues.

The China Tea Book is a good companion to Vera Wong's Unsolicited Advice for Murderers. Learn about the origins and history of tea in China, the four different tea varieties--green, oolong, black, and pu-erh--and their properties, best brewing methods, arts associated with tea culture (calligraphy, painting, and poetry), tea drinking's relationship to Zen, and even how tea was disseminated along the Ancient Tea Route.

I hope you found something good in this list of cozy culinary mysteries and cookbook pairings to sink your teeth into!