Little Creators, Big Ideas: How Take & Make Bags Inspire Creative Young Minds

During the challenging times of the pandemic, libraries across the country had to reimagine their services to continue engaging with their communities. One of the solutions came in the form of the Take & Make bag. This program has evolved into a beloved monthly tradition at the North Mason Timberland Library.  

The goal of Take & Make was to provide educational and entertaining activities for children at home while in-person programming was paused.

The program began with Early Learner bags, catering to our preschool patrons. These bags were an instant hit, but soon, the older children wanted their own version. Responding to this demand, we started producing school-age bags, expanding the program’s reach and impact.  

Library Assistant De carefully curates our Take & Make bags each month. She is passionate about finding fun and educational projects for the bags. The bag often features a project inspired by a famous artist and their style. Bags have included swirl art, line art, abstract art, and cardboard cityscapes. It is all about creating something by experimenting with different materials and seeing what happens.   

Everything needed for the project is included, and the cost of making these can add up quickly. So, how do we keep this going? Well, we are fortunate to have the support of our North Mason Friends of the Library group, which generously supplies the funding for this program.  

If you haven’t already, be sure to grab one of the bags during your next visit. New bags/projects are available at the beginning of every month while supplies last. Who knows, you might just uncover a budding artist or engineer in your own home! 

Deena @ North Mason