Writing to Support Early Literacy Skills

Any activity that requires finger movements helps children build the muscles they need to be able to write. Try finger painting with applesauce, shaving cream, or paint. Give preschool children markers or scissors and paper to play with. Scribbling and creating tactile art using crayons, finger-paints, or adaptive tools helps children develop motor skills and nurtures self-expression.

Activity: Scribble
Set out crayons, non-toxic markers, and paper and let children practice scribbling. Can they find the green (red, blue, yellow) crayon? 

Activity: Paint
Non-toxic finger paints and watercolors with brushes help build dexterity. Engage your child with questions – “Does the paint feel squishy?” “What color is the paint?” Your child may enjoy squishing paint in a taped ziplocked bag.

Activity: Trace
Felt or magnetic letters and numbers are fun ways to introduce young children to the shapes and sounds of letters. Encourage your child to trace letters and numbers with their fingers.