Reading to Support Early Literacy Skills

Parents and caregivers can do a number of things to support a young child’s early literacy skills. Research has shown that these five simple practices can prepare a child to be school ready: reading, singing, talking, writing, and playing.

Point out signs on the side of the road, point to and read labels on items in the store, and share lots of fun books! Reading aloud, signing, sharing pictures or tactile books helps your child become comfortable with books.

Activity: Snuggle and share
Look at picture books together and let your child notice the shapes, colors, seasons, letters, numbers, animals, and people in the stories. Share books that include children from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences.

Activity: Repeat, repeat, repeat
Read favorite stories over again. Children build language skills through repetition and are comforted by reading familiar favorites.

Activity: Sing a story
Sing along to picture book versions of favorite songs such as “The Wheels on the Bus”, “Little White Duck”, and “Sol Solecito.”